Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Hawk and Dog

I saw a Cooper's Hawk during my morning walk on the Chisholm trail in Plano on Sunday. The hawk perched in a tree near Orlando Drive. I wondered at first if the hawk instead fit the profile for an immature Red-Shouldered Hawk, but I settled on Cooper's once I reviewed the photographs I took.

Last week the trial in the Senate of the impeached president took place. I gave it scant coverage in my weblog because I viewed the matter as a foregone conclusion that the Senate promised to vote to acquit on partisan grounds. Even the revelation of fact witness John Bolton, who alleges he heard quid pro quo behavior, failed to sway the partisan Republicans in the Senate.  The shift of the Republican party to a nativist party pains me.

Today the Iowa Caucuses take place. I dislike caucuses as a way to choose candidates. I prefer primaries. In addition, as much as I like the tradition behind the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, I that that having two states to start things off detracts from the process. I think that a wave of states over several rounds promises to work better. I still hope that Iowa begins to clarify the situation. The candidate for whom I plan to cast my vote if called upon to do so today looks less popular than some other candidates. In the long run, I remain concerrned that the pragmatic choice for me portends to be one between two candidates I lack any strong preference for supporting. But I know I plan to vote for the Democratic nominee.

We watched the Super Bowl last night. My wife grew up in the Kansas City area, so we felt glad that the Chiefs won the game. We ate a Mexican chicken bake that my wife prepared as our Super Bowl meal. I see that WeatherTech ran a commercial about veterinary cancer research. My wife got me WeatherTech floor mats for my Hyundai Kona for Christmas. I felt connected to the commercial somehow.

I got a bit of work done Sunday, and walked in Glendover Park and in Limestone Quarry Park. I got Beatrice a nice new assortment of Pill Pockets.

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