Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

East Fork and Lavon Dam

I worked at home early this morning. Then I drove to my office and worked some more. A bit after Noon, I drove north on Highway 78, up towards Lake Lavon.

I stopped at a KFC for grilled chicken. A fellow a few years older than I am stood ahead of me in line. He got impatient with the counter attendant when he spoke too softly for her to hear his order. He questioned her sharply about whether she listened to other people talking through her headset while he spoke. She explained that the set remained off. He gave a more friendly goodbye than his more dismal middle-of-hello. When he departed, the attendant and I mused that his day probably started off poorly.

After lunch, I drove up to East Fork Park, on Lake Lavon. This park is on a kind of tiny lake peninsula. A road runs beside little picnic areas. Some folks come and camp. Some come and fish on the shore. I came and watched birds. I saw three first-of-year birds---Savannah Sparrow, Song Sparrow and Red-Breasted Merganser. I only realized I saw the Merganser when I looked at its picture.

I drove over to Lavon Dam. I thought of the time I took my 5ish year old nephew fishing there. We used cane poles. I taught him how to catch sunfish. I went to his wedding last Autumn. I saw Song Sparrows there. Double-Crested Cormorants flew in foundation. Fishermen fished.

I went to Bethany Lakes Park and walked further and listened to a podcsst. Then I came home and took Beatrice to Glendover Park.
We ate dinner at San Miguel. I ordered chicken enchiladas verde, refried beans and Spanish rice, with tortilla chips.

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