Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Counting Backwards

Today I got up early and drove in the dark to the dentist. My dentist went to high school with me decades ago.  I pointed out that a back molar seemed a bit off. I learned that a years-old crown needs replacing. I learned also that zirconium rather than ceramic gets used for such tasks.

Sunday I walked Beatrice in Glendover Park. She still likes a walk in the park. She used to take 25 minutes to go around the park. Now it requires 55 minutes or more. The weather tuned warm. Sunday night I worked a bit. My wife watched the Grammys.

Saturday I got up very early to do some volunteer work. I tried to catch the train, but missed it when it pulled off just as I was seeking to get on.
That worked out, though, because my drive downtown proved easy. I served as a volunteer judge for a round of high school student mock trial.
Of the three judges in my trial, I served also as the judge who runs the trial and rules on the evidentiary objections. I typically prefer to be an advocate to a judge. I remember a poor experience in Little League when I mis-called a forced out at second base. I nonetheless tried and got the trial done. Both teams turned out to be pretty good and well-matched. The other two judges picked a different "winner" than I did--but all scores came out as close matches.

I finished at Noon. I began to drive home. I stopped at Micro Center and got some inexpensive SD cards. Then I got a call from the luxury bus station Vonlane. They let me know that they found some health cards and the like that fell from my wallet. I drove to near Love Field to their Dallas headquarters, a modest building on Lemmon, where a nice woman brought my cards to my car.

Afterward, I went to a place off Northwest Highway called Pollo Campero for grilled chicken. Then I went to Bachman Lake Park. This park
sits just north of Love Field Airport. Southwest Airlines airplanes come and go.

I walked around Bachman Lake. I saw 15 species of bird. Two I rarely see in north Texas: Buffleheads and Ruddy Ducks.  The temperature turned out to be warm but the wind turned cold. So often where I live the windspeed matters the most.

Saturday night we rented the movie The Big Short. We enjoyed the film very much. We remember that era for lots of reasons, but one in particular stands out. For a time, my wife left technical writing for a corporate job with a mortgage servicer. That company proved unequal to its tasks, and we saw it coming. But I suspect lots of people saw it coming.

Friday night we ate Thai food. The waitperson explained that her mother worked for a time preparing dishes for a Lao/Thai place across town. She described how some customers asked to depart from that place's menu, just to get what her mother cooked off-menu. I liked the young woman, who reported her age as 18. After dinner, we watched the animated film "The Addams Family." I liked that this film used illustrations close to the Charles Addams cartoon characters. Movies about misfits fit something missing today.

Friday morning the 24th I stopped in A.R. Schell in Plano on the way to work. I saw my first Orange-Crowned Warbler of the Winter. I often do not see those.

Thursday I drove in Breckinridge Park when it proved too rainy for a proper lunch walk. I saw 90 Ring-Billed Gulls on an open field.

Wednesday I watched all three television shows set in Chicago. I go back and forth on which I prefer. I turned in my selection for the winner of a music contest involving Creative Commons licenses. On a side note, I recently learned that I earned $ 100 in royalties from a music outlet. I donated them away to support the project, but it was still fun.

Tuesday I attended a business matter in Austin. Then I walked along Lady Bird Lake until time for my bus. I saw a dog with non-working back legs walking with rear wheels That dog looked cool. I saw Lesser Scaup ducks, American Coots and Double-Crested Cormorants. In my area, Mallards abound. But not in this stretch of Lady Bird Lake.

My Vonlane bus home went well, except I dropped my wallet. I thought I picked all the cards up, but hindsight shows I thought wrongly.

Monday I went to my office to do a couple of tasks. Then I caught a Vonlane bus to Austin. I stayed in the hotel for the University of Texas convention center, where I got a good rate. I took pictures of Northern Mockingbirds in the evening sun on the Texas state capitol grounds in Austin. I slept a fitful sleep.

Sunday the 19th I saw lots of different species of ducks on the Chisholm Trail in Plano.

Saturday the 18th I took lots of park walks. I also spent hours organizing my office. That felt good.

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