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On Thursday the 21st, I went after work to the Garland monthly legal clinic for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program. Somehow I made a wrong turn in the rainy, chilly weather, which is hard to do given the particular turns involved. But I arrived early, after determining to defer my dinner until after the session. We finished by 9:10, a bit under 3 hours.

Friday night we ate at Silver Thai. I ordered the spicy bahmee soup,a dependable menu item.

On Saturday, I took a long morning walk at Limestone Quarry Park in nearby Frisco. A sidewalk path called the Taychas Trail runs through this park. As I neared the section of trail near the bridge over Rolater Drive, I saw an Osprey flying nearby.  I hoped to take a picture, but my camera battery advised me it was dying. I watched the Osprey go from flying over Rowlett Creek to landing in a tall tree. The local American Crows began to harass it.  This seemed unfortunate, in a way, because Osprey are pescatarians, and thus no threat or competition to crows. But crows know their minds, and take no counsel from me.  The Osprey is the 104th discrete species I have seen in Collin County this year.

In the afternoon, we drove to the quaint downtown square in neighboring McKinney to go to the McKinney Performing Arts Center. Two of our friends were performing in a choir concert to benefit the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. The choir, Resounding Harmony, an established group that does philanthropic concerts to benefit this or that cause, sang a number of popular songs of the showtune and pop-song-like-a-showtune variety. This made the afternoon quite pleasant, as all the songs were light, easily within the choir's capability, and in the main familiar from childhood. The "raptor ambassadors", birds resident at the center due to inability to be rehabilitated, put in their appearances--a Red-Tailed Hawk, a Mississippi Kite, a Screech Owl, an American Kestrel, and a Peregrine Falcon. My favorite song was a medley of songs from Dr. Doolittle combined with lots of other bird-themed sixties and children's songs.

After the two hour performance, we ate dinner at a nearby cafe. I had an excellent pan-roasted chicken with pureed potato.

Sunday I did my usual routine--a walk before Weight Watchers, a Weight Watchers meeting, a walk after WW, church, and then lunch. In the afternoon, I took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park, which she enjoyed. Then  I listened to the football game on the radio while I walked in Allen Station Park. I liked the WW guest leader, a woman who described coming from Holland to Wisconsin and then to Texas.

Monday I had a really productive day, a feat I hope to duplicate today.

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