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Tuesday through Friday proved to be quite active days at work. My wife and I also both contracted colds during our travels. I felt better than I sounded. The weather turned quite cold for the end of October. I dressed warmly. I used to believe in trying to acclimate to cold weather. Now I believe in dressing as warmly as possible in all hints of chill.

Thursday night I took a walk around the pond in Glendover Park. Then I awaited the advent of kids trick or treating. We only drew five on this cold night. I think I need to start decorating our home a bit to make clear that we run a Halloween-friendly house. I remain convinced we lack any appearance of being haunted, but we perhaps lack the necessary ghoulish cheer. The kids who used to come in past years grew up, and now drive cars.

Friday evening I started resting soon after work. My wife kindly picked us up bowls from Chipotle. Saturday morning I slept in, something I almost never do. By lunch, I started to feel better, though I remain hoarse. I got a lot of out drinking fluids and in particular hot mint tea.  I went to Wendy's for a grilled chicken sandwich and a small chili.

In the afternoon, I walked in Russell Creek Park in Plano and its nearby greenbelt trail. I saw Autumn ducks and my first White-Eyed Vireo of the year.

I took Beatrice to Glendover Park and settled in to rest and watch television.

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