Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

keeping the stack moving

Tuesday we got some good news about a friend and former co-worker in the hospital. We hope the news continues to improve. Wednesday I got some paperwork moving forward, though I want to move further forward still. Thursday I found myself quite busy at work. I remain busy going into today, but note that I progress as I keep working at it.

Thursday at lunch my law partner and I went to a place called Pho Street in Sachse. My pho ga proved quite tasty. I started with tofu Summer rolls. I enjoyed hearing sports stories about my partner's young sons, as well as stories about his late engineer father.

I saw a post on Facebook by a woman from my high school class who served as a cheerleader. The post fell in the "I never fit in anywhere and that's good" camp. Lots of my classmates replied to this post, describing the same feeling. I suppose the feeling amounts to a near-universal. Though I feel tempted to feel misappropriation on behalf of the people who really do not fit in, I realize that in lots of ways I suppose even I kind of fit in back then.

I got word that my nephew and his girlfriend got married in advance of a formal wedding. I wish them happiness. This nephew, my sister's son,got his community college degree and then found himself in demand for jobs. He moved to Arkansas, near his parents, and near the outdoor hunting and fishing that he enjoys. He grew up to be a good fellow.

Thursday after work I spent time on the phone with someone in Camden regarding a family business matter. Then I went to the Garland Salvation Army for the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program free legal clinic. Last month, so many clients came and so few volunteers that I found myself finishing up a bit before 11:20 p.m.  This month things moved much quicker, and we finished at 7:35 p.m. We drew one more volunteer and a few cases fewer. But one of the DVAP personnel pitched in, I learned, and helped us move down the massive stack of intake paperwork.

I drove home and got to greet my 13-year-old niece. This daughter of my wife's sister flew down today from Kansas City. We like this niece, Quinn. This marks her third year straight to come visit us in October. She likes our local natatorium, and asked to be taken shopping at one of our old-fashioned "indoor malls."  As always she switched our television to 13-year-old oriented viewing. We all watched a pleasant film called "Tallgirl" about the difficulties of fitting in for a tall girl.

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