Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ginger chicken with broccoli and buying a Kona

Thursday night and Friday brought wintry weather. I liked this new turn of weather.

Friday while I ate at Panda Express, I looked up the meaning of the "picture of a battery" warning light on my car. The appropriate Chevrolet website let me know that the warning light meant, predictably enough, that my electrical system suffered setback. The new information I received led me to understand that I faced imminent issues.

Sure enough, on the way home, I got a new warning that something called a Stabilitrack needed service. Then the power steering went out.  I experienced that "good old days" feel of wrangling a vehicle without power steering. I managed to park the car in my work parking lot.
The battery then died.

I called Car Care Central, whom we use for post-warranty repairs. The helpful fellow on the phone discussed with me how the alternator probably failed. He suggested I contact AAA because towing probably came with my roadside assistance agreement.  AAA informed me that
a good bit of the tow fell within the policy coverage. In mid-afternoon, a nice man showed up and towed my Equinox to the shop.

My wife picked me up after work. We went to Panera Bread for dinner. I ate a bowl of chicken chili. We got a good night's sleep after watching some network television.

Saturday morning the weather started out cool. I spoke to Car Care Central, who confirmed that, as expected, the alternator needed repair. The issues went a bit beyond that, too, but they could fix it up.

I took Beatrice for a walk in Glendover Park. Last Saturday, Beatrice appeared to be very sick. But this weekend she felt much better. She went around the park pond in an hour and five minutes, much slower than the 25 minutes or so of a decade ago, but a huge improvement. She even showed patient forbearance when two dogs greeted her in unrelated incidents.

My wife came home from her hair appointment. Then we set out. We first stopped at a McDonald's. My wife hoped to get an eggwhite McMuffin. I chose an Artisan Chicken sandwich. The food tasted just fine.

Then we went to Enterprise Car Sales to go car shopping. My wife's step-mother experienced a pleasant buying experience at an Enterprise Car Sales outlet in Tucson a year or two ago. I decided then that I intended to make my next car purchase from Enterprise Car Sales. I began some months ago watching the sales website to learn what choices I intended to choose among.

Our salesman, Motaz, proved very helpful. Motaz brought a breadth of experience. I like to think we proved to be easy customers. I intended t buy from the outset and pretty much knew what I intended t spend.

We test drove four vehicles. I liked all four. Motax, rather like, I joked, watching the television program The Bachelor. In point of fact, I never watch the Bachelor. I suspect Motaz never watched either. But I knew what he meant when he asked which vehicle got the rose. I told him that I picked the 2019 Hyundai Kona.

We completed the paperwork on Saturday afternoon. I drove away with the new used Hyundai, a good drive with a bit over 20,000 miles on it. We got home in time to head out for our planned dinner with friends. We took my wife's car. On the way, we picked up my Equinox from the shop. Now I must dispose of the Equinox.

We ate dinner with our friends and my wife's former co-workers at a P.F. Chang in Northpark Mall in Dallas. I ate the ginger chicken and broccoli with hot and sour soup. I used to live in an apartment near Northpark when I first moved to Dallas 35 years ago. The hammering men sculpture still stands there.

Sunday I walked in Hoblitzelle Park before WW.. I saw a Brown Thrasher. My weight proved up .4 pounds. After WW, I walked in the Watters Branch Trail.

At church, the minister gave a talk about our congregation moving forward even among turbulence in our denomination. Someone shouted "Amen!" and people clapped I did not clap, as I think that schism right now looks like a better option than the current status quo.

After church, I ate a catfish and green beans lunch at Chicken Express. Then I headed home. I cleaned out my Equinox, putting trash in the trash and books in boxes and so forth. Then  I drove my car to the local car wash. I asked for the "mini-detail."  After the robo-wash, a team of people worked on my car. They managed to make the car look good through attention. I placed a sizable tip in the top box, as the material but not high two-digit fee for this service, $ 60, clearly required a fair bit of earning as to my vehicle.

I drove the Equinox home and parked it. I next plan to drive it to a 7 a.m. appointment to fix a window chip caused by a truck exuding gravel last week. Then after work, I will drive seek to sell the Equinox. I hoped to make 160,000 miles, but I stopped at 150,250. I liked driving it.
The new used vehicle cost less, occupies less space, and gets better gas mileage.

Late Sunday afternoon, I drove in my Kona to Allen Station Park. I took a 90 minute walk and watched birds. I listened to sports on the radio. I saw a dozen species. Then I picked up bananas and went home.

We ate hot dogs for Sunday dinner.

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