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Save the Cheerleader

Friday I worked a steady day. At the day's end, I got some interesting news about a work matter. I also looked up flights for getting to a nephew's wedding in rural Alabama early December.

Friday evening we decided to see if a new Mexican restaurant opened in the space where Holy Frijoles used to operate. We discovered that a new place opened its doors six days previously. The new place bore the name Everest, though, and served Indian and Himalayan food. We settled in for a dinner of chicken tikka, a mixed vegetable curry and naan. The food proved very good, though the service worked a little slowly.
I liked that so many people came to a new neighborhood place.

When we got home, we settled in to watch a couple of television shows, but soon found we preferred instead to simply go to sleep.

The trial of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger resulted in a murder conviction and a sentence of 10 years. When the trial began, I suspected the likely result hovered around a form of manslaughter and a sentence of some years. But in a case of this type (that sounded well-tried by both sides), the testimony of the defendant creates a range of possibilities from acquittal to murder. In this particular case, even getting my news second-hand through the media, I drew the conclusion that the prosecution crafted a short, solid line of cross-examination that proved effective. A murder conviction followed. I projected that the sentence promised to be between 10 and 20 years. The actual sentence of ten years surprised me, but only a little. Her lawyers established some appeal points as near as I could tell, particularly as to the exclusion of some exculpatory expert testimony.  But my hope is that this trial resolves this sad story.

 I liked the story of Rockwall, Texas high school cheerleader Tyra Winters.She rode on a float at her small town's homecoming parade. She saw a 2-year-old choking on something in the audience. She leaped from the float on which she rode. She administered a form of the Heimlick maneuver suited to tots. She learned this procedure because her mother ran a group home for foster children. She solved the choking issue.

Then my favorite part happened. She ran to jump back on her float. Because even after one saves a life, one cannot let this rain on one's parade. When mother, tot and cheerleader met up (after mother appropriately contacted the school to locate Ms. Banks), video of the scene showed mother and cheerleader appropriately moved (the mother explained how "thank you" is inadequate), but the tot was entirely unimpressed and unaware, though lovably wide-eyed.

After a September of Summer temperatures, an Autumn cool-down is predicted for next week. I am ready for this.

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