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Friday night we went to the Allen Public LIbrary to see a free concert sponsored by the Allen Friends of the Library. The band giving the concert bears the name Matthew Bell and the Next of Kin. My wife works with the wife of the violinist. The band we saw bears the name Matthew Bell and the Next of Kin. The band played an eclectic set of folk-inflected blue-eyed soul. The musicians and vocalists displayed a great deal of instrumental skill. I liked the melodica passages in particular. Afterward we enjoyed a late dinner at the Anasophia Mexican restaurant.

Saturday I alternated between getting exercise and getting practical things done. I went to an Aldi store to pick up things to cook for dinner. I like Aldi, with its curious and yet workable store brands and small store footprint size. I bought a huge sack of red apples. I found myself dissatisfied with the way the breakfast cereal boxes included too many boxes which seemed shaken open through the force of some imagined forklift.

I settled on some turkey Italian sausage. I went home after a lunch of a Subway sandwich. I loaded a small crockpot with a microwave-zapped sausage, a cut-up yellow squash and multi-colored carrots. My wife went out for dinner with a friend, causing me to prepare this meal. I ate at 8 p..m., and the meal came out quite well, accompanied, in the event, by a bit of pita bread.

I felt like I got a lot done on Saturday, but wanted to do more than I did. I completed my annual legal continuing education. I particularly liked a speech by a young attorney who runs sensational television commercials describing himself as "The LawHawk."  Though his commercials fail to appeal to me as legal ads (though they do well as satire), his stories of dealing with the bar's advertising review committee were well-told and informative. I liked him, and he was not dry. His ultimate success in hawking a taco cafe chain felt fitting.

Sunday I walked on the Chisholm Trail. The heat remains at August levels even in early October. I went to Weight Watchers. My wife and I attended Suncreek United Methodist Church. We ate lunch at Mom's Cafe. I liked my pumpkin pancakes, served without syrup, along with scrambled eggs.

I walked in the afternoon. I watched the local sports team lose a game to the New Orleans Saints in the evening. Somewhere in the mix of the weekend, I saw a televised rugby game between Argentina and the Kingdom of Tonga.

Early this week I got some unwelcome news about a friend's challenge with illness. Wednesday another old friend sent a Facebook messenger message checking in. Thursday i thought I'd be late to a meeting in the Galleria area of north Dallas, but I ended up being on time, and giving directions to another attendee via telephone.

I read once again some Rumpole of the Bailey short fiction. I like some of the characters who are clients, such as Thelma Ropner, a woman who his her alibi and greeted her acquittal with a lack of appreciation. I like that Leo McKern, an Australian,  played the ideal film version of a very English barrister.

I continue in fits and starts to work through J.D. Beresford's "Goslings", which, despite its 1913 publication date, features all the dystopianism suited to any modern-day YA novel. On the other hand, the events of 1914-1919 and 1940-1945 managed to make almost any dystopian novel seem amateur by comparison.

On the dragonfly front, I see lost of Eastern Amberwings.

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