Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Movie Night

I left work a staggering ten minutes early last night. The drive to uptown Dallas took a bit, but only a bit. I arrived at the Magnolia Theater in good order. My wife preceded me, having driven from a conference in Carrollton for her work. We saw friends at the theater--Scott and Donna and my wife's former co-worker Cathy and her platonic friend and housemate Rick. 

The ticket promised a movie and a tea, but the tea turned out not to be  "a tea,", but instead little odd shot paper cups of tea, served as a kind of product promotional. The tea package displayed characters from the movie. Fortunately, the theater served a serviceable 5 dollar hot dog, which I preferred to either "a tea" or "tea." 

Scott told me of interesting films he and Donna watched recently. I found myself uninterested in seeing the second installmant of "It" and interested in seeing the Molly Ivins documentary.

Last night the movie we saw bore the description "sneak preview,", as we saw the "Downton Abbey" movie eight days before it official release. We sat on the very last row in nearly the very middle of the row. I enjoyed my comfortable seat, even though I thought at first the woman in the row ahead of me planned to lean into my knees with an airline-ready zeal.

I intend to engage in no spreading of spoilers, other than to say we enjoyed the movie. The audience seemed to like it, and to also react a bit like a stereotypical kid at a Saturday matinee.

I read on social media about last night's Democratic debate. Almost every tweet on Twitter read like spin doctoring, with "winners" picked more by ideology than by performance. I remain mostly undecided on my pick among the Democrats, other than decided that I plan to vote for the one of them that wins the primaries.

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