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ignoring interlopers

Saturday morning I noticed that the website contained episodes of the old television show "Perry Mason". I  watched Season 1, Episode 1. Mr. Mason's smoking intrigued me, as it differed from modern television.

I got on the internet to search for inexpensive tires. I resisted putting tires on my car for some time. I hoped to  be near the point of selling this car and buying another. But at 148,000 miles, I decided to try to get a few thousand more miles. I also wanted to get the tires, which neared the leg after their last leg, and brakes, which needed work, into serviceable shape. 

I found that my local NTB offered "available in stock" tires a little less expensive than the usual. I made a 1:30 p.m. appointment. When I arrived, I learned that the company's website misstated the "in stock" designation. The computer apparently counted tires some thirty miles away in Arlington as "in stock" in Allen. I see the logic--in theory, if one started first thing in the morning, Arlington tires held a chance to arrive in Allen for same-day-installation. But in practice, the advertisement proved inaccurate.

Another day, I think my actions in that hypothetical time promised to differ from my actual actions Saturday. I imagine myself making s a short, polite but firm speech and going elsewhere. But this particular Saturday, I expressed my displeasure, grabbed my binoculars and camera, and went for a walk on the Watters Branch Trail while the work got done.

I saw few birds on my walk, as a somewhat unseasonable early September heat persisted. I saw some dragonflies. I slowly acquire dragonfly identification skills, thanks to a website about Texas dragonflies and I listened to podcasts and also to a radio college football game.

Saturday night we went out for sushi. The restaurant, Shiawase in Allen, proved far too noisy. I come to appreciate proper acoustic buffering in restaurants.

Sunday morning I took Beatrice for a walk. She still enjoys a walk, though her pace now fits the term measured more than the term speedy. A dog larger than Beatrice wanted to say hello. Beatrice treated the dog like a gentle rain off a duck's back. At Weight Watchers I was up a bit, a probable function of salt retention from the prior evening. I got one bit of family business done, and I walked in Bethany Lakes Park. I like this park in September.

Monday and Tuesday worked out well at work. I learned some news about a friend who lost a young adult child. I found myself very saddened by this development.

Monday night I cooked myself dinner. I went for my simplest approach--a huge microwave-safe glass bowl, some washed vegetables, some meat cut into small portions, water to cover everything, a paper towel to cover the the bowl and 10 or 15 minutes of cooking. The resulting meal worked out pretty well, with a bit of seasoning.  I used a straining spoon, rather than eating the meal as soup.Another time I imagine seasoning the broth and making soup.

Tuesday we ate pork loin, yellow potatoes, and mixed vegetables. I walked at the Trail at the Woods in Allen.

I read an article about Renee Zellweger getting a standing ovation at the Toronto International  Film Festival. I liked to read about that, because Ms. Zellweger deserves to be in the papers for something besides speculation about plastic surgery.

On another note,I found myself pleased to see that John Bolton lost his job as national security adviser. I feel his approach to foreign policy entirely the wrong approach on many issues. I never understand how he gains a following outside a narrow slice of the Fox News audience.

We watched an episode of "The Crown", season 1. Meanwhile, the parliamentary news (and lack of news) regarding the impending potential for Brexit proves puzzling and as yet unresolved.

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