Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

good visit

On Friday I left work a bit early. I drove to Love Field Airport. The traffic proved to be worse than expected. But I arrived in reasonably good order.
I picked up my 23 year old niece, who flew in from Oklahoma. We enjoyed her weekend visit. We did fun things--
--went for a walk on a hot Saturday at the Heard Natural Science Center. The native butterfly house looked all aflutter.
--went to a place with home-made soaps at Willow-Bend Shopping Center;
--stopped by the huge comics store in Plano
--visited a lizard-oriented pet shop called Reptarium. Though my leanings lean me against exotic pets and in favor of shelter adoptions, I found myself impressed with the condition of the habitats and the knowledgeable staff. I felt a bit surprised, though, that the Green Anole, one of my favorites, lacked any representation
--visited the Allen Natatorium. I found out there that I earn a discount just by being old. I like the lazy river and the slide
--dined at the Taiwanese place, where I ordered the pork with Chinese vegetables, forgetting once again that this dish features only a bit of garnish as "Chinese vegetables"
--ate some tasty Torchy's Tacos
--talked about cameras and pets, as my niece thrives on cameras and pets

Our niece brought positive fun to our weekend.

The weather alternates between seasonally hot and seasonally near-hot. Yesterday I walked in Oak Point Park in Plano. I saw my first Swainson's Hawk of the year, bringing my count to 100 Collin County species.

So far I like the Lost in Space reboot.

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