Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Great Art of Pushing a Broom

Sunday I had a good weigh-in at Weight Watchers. The recipe on the weekly hand-out looked good--a spanokopita based on sliced burrito-sized tortillas and vegetarian fare. I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano.  Every Sunday, a man is sleeping on the table beneath its little picnic pavilion.

In the afternoon, I walked in Glendover and in Green Park. At 4 p.m., I went to the church for a piano concert by Josh Vigran. Josh studies in the respected music Ph.D. program at the University of North Texas. He also works in the final days of being a keyboardist at our church's services.
He played a spirited and technically impressive concert of Beethoven's 32 Variations,, Mozart's "Turkish March" done as a ragtime/jazz piece, a jazz-inflected Russian classical composer whose name escapes me, an original piece called "Blue Star" and DeBussy's "Pagodas". I was pleased and surprised to see that some 100 people turned out for the performance. I enjoyed hearing a good piano concert.

Monday I found myselt quite busy at work. Wednesday was a bit of rise-and-repeat, with a different set of things with which to be busy. Wednesday we did take a break to meet with the fellow who helps us with our firm 401k. In another world, I imagine my work path diverging down the investment adviser trail, though I suspect that being a professor of English or a scientist or a technical writer, other roads not taken, fit me better.

I finished reading Roy Bayfield's non-fiction memoir "Performance Cleaner", about an art school graduate who went to work for a few years as the the maintenance man at the Zap Club, Brighton's place for electronic music and performance art in the 1980s and 1990s. I never visited the Zap. I believe that I visited Brighton once during a Summer studying in London, when a friend invited me to go with him to see his grandmother in Brighton. In the event, I fell sick, having gotten food poisoning from a lamb kebab in London.  I spent most of my time in bed, though I do remember attend a Reformed church service that was lovely. "Performance Cleaner" proved to be a very good read--90some-odd pages, a perfect length for an extended essay. I like the idea of approaching mundane tasks with a sense of possibility and artistry. 

I downloaded a new book, J.D. Beresford's "Goslings", and tackled the first few pages.

Wednesday evening my wife sat down to tell me a family narrative of interest. As she recited the details, Beatrice came and sat before her, listening intently. She never lets limited English fluency stand in the way of a family discussion.

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