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a tale of two bridges and several broadcasts

Yesterday we got the news that at least 20 people were killed by a young shooter in El Paso. By the end of the day, we learned that the accused young man came from the town where we live now. We do not know his family. The news reports he left a deranged note filled with anti-immigrant nonsense.

I woke up this morning to learn that several people were shot in Dayton. The epidemic of random violence is like a huge bit of Spanish influenza, except that no steps are being taken to develop a vaccine.

Thursday I got something out on time. Friday I got the next generation out on time. I like being ahead of the game.

I've listened to some interesting podcast episodes lately:

1. I listened to the Planetary Society episodes about the space craft LightSail 2. LightSail 2 is a crowd-funded satellite that is in orbit proving the concept of solar sails as a propulsion device for space travel. I like this kind of citizen science on the move (I almost put "on steroids" or "on dope", the latter a la the camp underground 70s band The Tubes, but both seemed so tacky). I like the idea of satellites running on solar energy.

2. I listened to a podcast about two widowed people who met and became involved and take walks in the Shropshire Hills. I listened to a podcast in which a woman explained she gave up the law to work with narrowboats on the Shropshire Union Canal. 

3. I listened to a history show which the story of the death of Texas cattle driver Oliver Loving.   I found it very interesting, though some of the myopia of the presentation was curious--Mescalero Apaches became simply "the Indians", for example. I generally oppose naming towns and counties after people. In my part of the world, so many things are named after either ex-Confederate slavers or railroad promoters. I like the way that the City of Carrollton names its hiking trails, Red Trail, Blue Trail, and Orange Trail.  I prefer the town name Little Rock to the town name Jonesboro.  But if one is to name places after people, then I like that Oliver Loving gave his name to one of Texas' least populous counties and to a small town in New Mexico. Those are remote places fit for a trailblazer.

Friday night I stayed up late making music on the computer using the IXI audio devices Lauki, Noiser, Slicer and Viruses. I looked up and it was 4 a.m. I had a good time.  I slept in on Saturday until nearly 10 a.m., though I did get up for breakfast. I woke to find rainy weather--always an August blessing in north Texas, where things can be hot. Our Summer has been a bit mild this year, but rain is still a good thing.

I walked in Glendover Park with Beatrice. In the late morning, I walked in Allen Station Park, where I saw lots of birds. I took pictures of the pedestrian bridge. Its newness made a nice contrast with the old bridge I saw in Llanfoist in Wales.

in the afternoon, I walked at Towne Lake Park in McKinney. As I came to a tiny pedestrian bridge there, I saw a family were gathered there. A little boy was having his picture taken. He was holding large letters that were a O, an N and an E. I hope he had a good first birthday. His family, cameras and cell phones in hand, had a great one. I walked around the bridge.

We ate outside at Firewater Grill. I had a small steak and vegetables. I made a Weight Watchers mug cake for dessert.

Last night we re-watched the movie "2010". I like movies that are firmly on the popcorn side of the popcorn/profundity Maginot Line. We were intrigued to realize that the Deschanel acting sisters' mom and dad were also in the industry.

We talked about taking a four-day weekend in Cheyenne in October.

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