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Early Friday morning I played once more with the music creation software DIN is Noise. I like this software, but I always feel that I only understand 5% of how it works, making my efforts on the software a bit hit-and-lots-of-misses, like buying a scratcher lottery ticket with very low stakes.

I got a draft of something out at work right on time. During my lunchtime, I took a spin around Heritage Park in Sachse. This is a largely an open area in which a sidewalk walkway makes a huge ellipse around baseball fields. As I walked, I heard that trill of a bunting. I looked at a far-off juniper tree to find the Painted Bunting singing atop its branches.

After work, I walked in Oak Point Park for a bit more than an hour. I saw Orchard Orioles in a group--one of the earliest to begin their migration back south. I enjoyed seeing graceful Mississippi Kites. My bird list hit 15 birds, though none were first-of-year.

We went to dinner at Silver Thai. A waiter accidentally spilled a drink so that the glass burst on the floor. Nobody was hurt. My wife's purse got a bit wet, but it readily dried and it is not new. My wife took it all with great equanimity. She told the story of working in an ice cream parlor and hot fudge and a woman's shirt.  We watched a hallmark Christmas movie.

This morning I wrote to Triarchy Press, as the link to the ebook I bought on Thursday morning has still not arrived. These things happen, and I am sure they will write me Monday with the right information.  In the meantime, I downloaded Sarah Orne Jewett's "The Country of the Pointed Firs" to have something going.
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