Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Saoirse can act

Wednesday I wanted to stop by the Church's chicken in Garland for lunch. When I arrived, the door was barricaded open and the workers were sitting inside in relative heat (though, thankfully, not quite seasonal Texas heat).

Thursday I attended the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program free legal clinic. I  enjoy meeting with people and talking about their issues. This particular clinic lasted a bit long, and did not end until 9:30 p.m. or so.

Friday eveing I walked in Allen Station Park. Saturday morning I walked in Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I heard a familiar birdsong. I followed it t o find a lovely male Painted Bunting, which was my first sighting of this bird species this year.  My Collin County bird species count hit 96.

Saturday evening we rented the movie "Brooklyn" with Saoirse Ronan. We really enjoyed this film. It had a good take on small town life and on the immigrant experience. I liked the performances of just about every member of the cast.

Sunday was the farewell sermon for our pastor, Todd Harris, who left our church to become a district superintendent in Wichita Falls. He gave a good sermon. It must be interesting to switch places after 13 years.  I made progress on the Eleanor Anstruther novel, "A Perfect Explanation", as to which I had paused in my reading for 6 weeks,though it's quite a good read. I puzzle on how my pace of reading novels ebbs and flows.

Sunday evening I upgraded my desktop from Peppermint OS 5 to PeppermintOS 10. This went smoothly. So far the most tense moment--the effort to make my older Windows software work with WINE--has proven less tense.

Monday I got some invoices paid.

Tuesday I went for a walk in Suncreek Park and Connemara Meadow. An Indigo Bunting sang atop a tree in Connemara Meadow

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