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happy lemons

Friday I walked in Crowley Park in Richardson at day's end.  I saw my first Eastern Pewee of the year. Saturday morning the weather cooled enough that I could take Beatrice for  a walk. Then I worked on some family business matters, and made a run to the post office. I walked in Story Park in Allen. I had hoped that its butterfly garden might be in bloom, but the park has not set up that garden this year yet.

I sat down to install a new hard drive on my travel laptop,. But I learned that rather than a 2.5" hard drive, it requires a 1.8" hard drive. So I ordered one of those on eBay. That drive arrived in yesterday's mail, so I can put it on later this week. 

Saturday night we ate at San Miguel in McKinney. We each had chicken enchiladas verde. The man who owns that place always is friendly when we go there. We learned recently that Holy Frijoles, a small local place, has closed again, apparently for good.

Sunday my wife went to a concert down in Dallas of a friend's choir. A huge storm blew up, though, and the power was knocked out in in that part of Dallas. In our neighborhood, the storm brought sheet rain and high winds. Our neighbor lost part of her Bradford Pear tree to the storm. Neil Sperry, the Texas Gardener, always looks down, a bit, on Bradford Pears during his radio show as being subject to this type of thing.

Sunday I re-installed an operating system in an old laptop I have. I put on Q4OS , the Debian Stable derivative that has become one of my favorite two distributions, the other being PeppermintOS. . We have a vacation planned next month. I may use this laptop on that vacation, as I must use a non-US plug, and it seems a little safer to use a laptop that is not my main laptop. I must first see how much battery life I get, though.

Monday night I was walking in our local Glendover Park when I met one of our neighbors. He name is Delib. He is a retired engineer in his 80s. We walked around the park a time or two, chatting. 

Tuesday morning I saw our neighborhood Cooper's Hawk, who is overall a small hawk but gets a bit bigger every time I see her. She had an aerial escort of two angry Scissortail Flycatchers who encouraged her non-gently to leave the neighborhood.

Tuesday evening I took Beatrice for a walk. We ran into Jack and Lemon. Lemon is one of the smallest hounds I have ever known, and certaintly the happiest. He greeted Beatrice, who did not object. Jack, who is in the real estate business as, I believe, a second career in the airline industry,, told me about a trip he is going to take. He is going to the Dominican Republic.  Lately news stories feature stories of American tourists dying while visiting that country. The cause of these deaths is undetermined as yet, though the news hints it may be a result or poison or disease in the mini-bar drinks section in hotel rooms. Jack assured me that he will not be touching the mini-bar.

I made a really impressive to-do list on Monday. Now I want to do it.

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