Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wildflowers and caulipower

Saturday morning I drove to nearby Allen Station Park.I walked there for two and a half hours.  I saw a goodish number of birds, and fields of wildflowers. I saw a young coyote peering out from the bushes. When I walked away, after a bit, I saw the coyote sunning itself on fresh Spring grass. A man wearing an Oklahoma State t-shirt was walking his Scottish Terrier. He stopped and we talked about coyotes he had seen in past years.

Saturday evening we ate a Caulipower PIzza. It tasted good. We rented the movie Aquaman. I fell asleep long before the movie was over, but when I awoke the next day I had no desire to see the rest.

Sunday morning I got an early start and walked on the Hoblitzelle Trail in Plano. I saw some lovely Northern Cardinals, but no Spring warblers. I got pictures of two cardinals. At Weight Watchers I was down three pounds. After Weight Watchers I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano. I went to church, where pre-teens led the service. They performed a curious musical in which the Old Testament tale of Joseph and the coat of many colors was done as a 1950s' era bit of pop culture. My favorite part of the service was a xylophone band of kids playing a tropical-style melody with mallets.

I ate lunch at Chicken Express, where I could get lightly fried catfish. In the late afternoon I bicycled to Green Park and watched birds. In the early evening, my wife and I took Beatrice for a walk.

during Sunday afternoon, I had good calls with my sister and my brother. I also drafted a document Sunday night.

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