Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Lots of driving

Sunday morning I went to Weight Watchers after walking on the Bluebonnet Trail in a light rain. As I walked, I listened to C. Reider's  new musical release.

Sunday afternoon I headed down to Austin. While Friday I could take the luxury bus, Sunday's travel required me to carry a couple of boxes. So I used my almost trusty car.  I stopped along the way in Temple, between Waco and Austin. There, after failing to find a good place to hike at Lake Belton, I found a cool little trail called the Pepper Creek Trail.  All through Sunday, I saw wildflowers everywhere. Pepper Creek Park had lots of fields of flowers and some nice shady trees.  I like this kind of "sidewalk path" walking trail.

I had pricelined up a Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Austin. When I arrived, I noticed that the valet parking was $ 48 a night. This offended me, a bit, although Austin has a recent trend of charging sky-high rates for parking that used to be nearly free.  Fortunately, the kind parking attendant pointed out that I could park more cheaply in a city garage across the street.

I ate a Naan flatbread in a quiet hotel cafe, and then watched "Call the Midwife".

My Austin business took up nearly the whole day on Monday. I left Austin near rush hour. Fortunately, Google Maps found me a neat way to avoid the heavy traffic. I ate at a Mexican restaurant in Jarrell on the way north, and arrived home at 10 p.m.

Monday night the storms came. Tuesday and Wednesday were suitably busy days. Thursday, I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Spring Creek, speaking on the phone with gallery owner from Austin about bluebonnet artists.

Today I worked well and hard. We walked Beatrice in Glendover Park. She loved the great weather. We dined on flatbread at Firewater. It was a flatbread kind of week.

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