Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rain, water

The rain is falling. The weather forecast predicts a lack of severity, which suits me fine. Tonight we ate fish sticks. We decided to try to make reservations for a trip to Montana. I spoke with my sister and my brother today.  My brother is in South Carolina on vacation.

I love the taste of water. My doctor asked me to switch to sports drinks, so help ensure I have the salts/electrolytes to avoid orthostatic hypotension.  I thought all those plastic Powerade Zero bottles were not green. So I switched to Propel powders to accomplish the same thing. Now I branched out to other 0 calorie water flavorings. I like the Kroger store brand, though it is more flavor and less about sport drink.

I remember playing football at age 13 or so, when the coaches made a salty drink to serve the same purpose as Gatorade. It tasted roughly like Kool-Aid leavened with rock salt.

Tomorrow is my annual physical. I want to get there on time.

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