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I fly a great deal for work. Last night security sorted me out for extra searching every time, perhaps because a last minute itinerary change caught the "flag" for searching.
I know that some complaints have arisen, but my own experience has been that it's been pretty courteously done.

It's fun to devour a sci fi in a single flight. Last night was J.D. Austin's Second Contact. I was amused that J.D. Austin is a pen name for another sci fi author with whom I am not really familiar. The book was a jaunty read, a utopian novel about a utopia of folks who really aren't that different from modern folks today, only their lives work.
It was no earth-shattering work of fiction, but it did have some of that "golden age" satiric feel without becoming too quietly reverential in its old-fashioned fun.

I think that sci fi novels I checked out when I was 13 in the Arkadelphia public library were like little salvations, clues to who I was, memories I'll always treasure.
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