Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

respite from rain and getting things done

Friday I got some things done at work and had rainbow trout at a business lunch. Friday evening I walked on the Chisholm Trail in Plano, where I saw lots of species of bird but nothing uncommon.  Friday I also had good discussions with my brother and my sister.

Friday night my wife and I went to Silver Thai, where I had Garlic Gulr, a shrimp dish. Saturday before dawn a predicted storm moved in. I had planned to go to Arkansas on Saturday, but now I am going to make it a Sunday day trip. I am pleased that my brother and I are driving together, as it is some comfort to have two people along for too many hours on the road.

The choice to stay home proved a good one. First thing in the morning, I took Beatrice to the vet's office. A kind vet and vet tech helped Beatrice with her ear infection. We obtained the necessary medicine and instructions for her care.

. I spent hours today getting family paperwork done. I made substantial progress. Meanwhile, my sister advised that the town in Arkansas where I finished high school had very inclement weather. I hope that no issues arise on our drive. Although a flood warning is in place, it sounds as if the crest remains some days away. The part of southwest Arkansas from which I am from is more akin to the Piney Woods of east Texas than to the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of the northwest and western part of the state. The places I grew up are also about pine trees, but also with more wetlands, watermelons and winding waterways.

I was pleased with how much I got done. I need to spend another Saturday or three on the tasks I have been addressing. I was pleased with the rain ceased around 3 p.m. I took a walk in Allen Station Park, where I saw my first Eastern Kingbird of the year.

We went to the retauranat Gloria's for chicken soup, after sojourning out in cold and windy weather. A little water leaked onto me, but it was fine. We went home and settled in to watch television

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