Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

smoll world

This week the actor Jussie Smollett, charged with 14 felones for allegedly making a false police report, got released with only a $ 10,000 bond forfeiture and no plea of guilty. While a light sentence was likely for a 4th degree felony had he been convicted, the turn of events reinforces the stark reminders of the rule that there is one justice system for those with money/connections, and another for those without money or connections.

Beatrice, my wife and I walked in Glendover Park after work. Beatrice saw he friend Diva, with whom she exchanged greetings. She also said hello to a small, young wire-haired dog.  Beatrice is usually shy and a bit uninterested in other dogs. But she softened with age.

The town in Arkansas from which I graduated from high school was in the news today, after a truck driver hauling explosive ammonium nitrate was killed in an explosion of ammonium nitrate. I did not know the victim, but I felt sad to hear the news.

My work is suitably busy. I got a couple of bills paid on family matters. I wondered if I had seen the PBS Nature episode before, or if all cheetah documentaries have the same plot.

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