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Tonight I finished listening to the audiobook of Elizabeth Gaskell's "Cousin Phillis". I like other Gaskell novels I have read, but I particularly liked the subtle layers of this novella. The reader, by actor Joe Marsh, effectively conveyed the characters.  I sought out his twitter and said as much. I like that the internet permits such communications from time to time.

The on-gong scandal related to the indictment of personnel involved in bribery and fraud schemes to win college admission for undeserving kids with well-heeled parents holds my interest. The series of odd coincidences, curiously transparent plots and odd choices makes this somewhat tawdry example how things work curiously riveting.

I am nearly done with the ebook "Today I am Carey". I enjoy its golden-age-of-science-fiction emphasis on story over fantasy elements or even hard science. I do not always like near-future science fiction ,but this novel has proven to be a good one.

Tonight I walked in Crowley Park in Richardson. I saw a Blue-Gray Gnat-catcher.   I do not find them easy to photograph, because they move about so rapidly. I was pleased to get a single decent photograph.

I need to make an appointment to clean my teeth. Somehow my dentist's receptionist has not gotten back with me. I will need to see about that Monday, as I believe they are closed on Friday.

I follow with interest but uncertainty the various announcements of candidates for president of the United States. Perhaps I will go to a Linux meeting tomorrow. I need to play in a chess tournament--my last in-person tournament was in 2013, though I have played postal chess a few times since then.

I am thankful for my brother and my sister.

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