Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

roadrunner and fraud

Today workers came to our office to install some glass near two office doors. The workers made some noise and spread some dust. But they worked hard to minimize the impact. The cutting and relocating is done. The glass will go in tomorrow.

At lunch, I saw a Greater Roadrunner our foraging in the mildly rainy conditions at Breckinridge Park. In the early evening, I saw a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher at Breckinridge Park.

Today the news broke of the numerous federal indictments of college coaches, lawyers-who-should-know-better, actors, CEOs,and investors, all accused of greater or lesser crimes having to do with using wrongful means to get undeserving kids their places in universities. Some of the universities involved are not, to my mind, particularly elite. This makes me wonder about parents who think that admission to a desired university is better than, in one case, $ 500,000 and admission to Santa Monica college, a very good community college.  This story's stark reminder of the corrosive income gap in our country piques my interest

I'm listening to an audiobook of Elizabeth Gaskell's "Cousin Phillis", which is just grand, with a very good fellow unfamiliar to me doing the reading. I like the way Gaskell novels always feel like a tour of a time and place.

Tomorrow the rain returns. I liked talking to my sister this evening. I am still reading Martin L. Shoemaker's "Today I am Carey". I am about 60% through--it is holding my interest like any good golden-age-inspired near-future narrative can do.

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