Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a warm weekend and a new book and a new audiobook

Last week my wife had work meetings all week. I ate out every evening.  The weather stayed cold until the end of the week, and then turned pleasant, and by Saturday, warm.

I had planned to spend the weekend in Arkansas with my brother and sister, doing some practical things. But a rainstorm moved in early Saturday morning, with a 100% chance of rain for Saturday in Arkansas. We postponed until a different day and time.

Saturday in the pre-dawn, a huge storm set in our neighborhood, with bursts of hail and sheet rain. One of our neighbors' trees, a Bradford Pear, broke in two. Its blooming branches were spread on the ground,  Bradford Pears grow quickly and often bloom and leat nicely, but often prove subject to breaking.

Later Saturday the weather turned nearly perfect,  I ws tempted to drive some miles west, to avoid further storms. But the storms had already passed to the east.  I enjoyed walking in Green Park, Glendover Park and Allen Station Park, listening to podcasts and enjoying the weather.

Saturday night my wife went out for a girls' night out. I picked up a 4 dollar bit of Anchor Hocking glass to use for microwaving. I  microwave steamed oso squash, and yellow squash and heated up some fishless vegan sticks. I am not vegan,  but it is nice to vary sometimes.

Sunday I finished Stephanie Domet's novel "Fallsy Downsie", about a Canadian folk singer near the end of his career, which I enjoyed. I bought another ebook, Martin L. Shoemaker's sci-fi "Today I am Carey". I managed to read over half of that novel on Sunday, I look forward to the rest of the reading of the book. I learned about it from a review email from Barnes & Noble.

Tonight after work I stopped in Half-Priced Books. I picked up an audio book of Elizabeth Gaskell's "Cousin Phillis". After an evening walk, I listened to Disk 1, Track 1.

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