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I am all for Bruno

Friday morning, I caught a 9 a.m. SuperShuttle to the DFW Airport..  My shuttle arrived eight minutes late, but got me to the airport reasonably quickly.

One thing I like about DFW is that the wait time in the TSA security scanning line is rarely long. Friday proved to be one of those rare long days. The line snaked around a bit. I found comforting the electronic display that accurately explained the line time estimate of thirty minutes. I reached my gate in 30 minutes.

On the flight out, I reviewed documents for an upcoming work matter. I played Extreme Tux Racer, the Linux race game based on a penguin sliding on ice and getting herring. I won a round with some impressive virtual ice-sliding. I read thirty pages in the book I'm reading, "Fallsy Downsies" by Stephanie Dolmet.

American Airlines upped its media game. Like Southwest, it finally permits one to watch live television. I did not find the perfect  show to watch. But I had a dozen choices.

My wife and her step-mother picked me up at the Tucson Airport. When I left Dallas, the weather was a touch above freezing. In Tucson, the weather was warm and mild. We drove to the Sunrise Cafe.  This Greek restaurant is in a small mini-mall space next to a large regional art gallery. I ordered the chicken gyros. I really enjoyed it.

My wife and I went to walk in the Catalina Mountain foothills on the Finger Rock Trail. We take this walk almost yearly. I liked the pictures I took of a Phainopepla perched twenty feet or so away from the trail.  I made up a way to remember the name "Phainopepla". I suggested to my wife that she think of the song "Anatevka" from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" and to replace the word Anatevka with the word Phainopepla.

My wife's stepmother made a fantastic meal of chicken piccata, new potatoes and a green vegetable, along with olive bread. We played a three-handed game of pool, which my wife's step-mother won handily. I turned in early while my wife and her step-mother settled in for a good, long chat.

I woke up early Saturday morning and read 90 more pages in my novel. My wife and I drove to Rillito River Park. I like this park, which is a long bit of paved bicycle way on either side of a seasonal river. Tucson had just returned to warm weather after a bit of Winter. So the river, often a dry wash, was flowing.

We walked along and saw things. In Rio Vista Park, we saw a Vermillion Flycatcher and a noisy Cooper's Hawk. We saw Ground Squirrels and House Finches, and lots of cyclists and walkers.

My favorite creature on the walk, next to my wife, was the dog Bruno. Bruno's owner stood at the bottom of a path from the bicycle path down to the wash. She said "Bruno! Come on! It's time to go!".  Bruno, a labrador mix or some such, was swimming in the shallow but moving river. His owner's voice got a bit strident because she apparently felt that Bruno failed to heed her call.  Soon it became apparent that Bruno felt nervous about how to cross back on the river. Eventually, Bruno found a way, to cross, as his owner, tune changed, called out encouragement. Bruno is a good dog. I would like to be more like Bruno.

We went back to my wife's step-mother's place for a lunch of luncheon meat on raisin bread with fruit.  In the afternoon, my wife dropped me off at the Tucson Botanical Garden while she went and shopped.

Tucson's Botanical Garden is small but very high quality. It features, as one might expect, a collection of cacti, euphorbia and succulent plants, primarily from the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mojave Deserts. I walked around and looked for birds. I liked the Curve-Billed Thrasher, the Abert's Towhee, and the Lesser Goldfinch.

I saw the sundial that my wife's father's friend gave the garden in honor of my wife's late uncle. Her cousin had created the sundial. I learned that my wife and her uncle Greg had the same middle name.

In the evening, the four of us went to the restaurant called Blanco. I had not been there for some years. I had a great meal of chicken enchiladas, charro beans and rice. We went back to my wife's step-mother's place. We watched the remainder of the basketball game between Kansas State, my wife's step-mother's alma mater,and the team from Baylor University. We played another round of pool, which my wife's step-mother handily won. Once again, I turned in early while my wife and her step-mother stayed up and chatted.

Sunday morning my wife and I returned our rental car at the airport. Unlike in Dallas, the line at TSA was nearly empty. We made our plane in good shape. Our Super Shuttle was not at the DFW when we arrived, but still at Love Field, an hour away. We waited indoors, because the weather was freezing and windy.  When he arrived, our driver was a good guy. He told us about the Nigerian food fufu.

I was pleased to see Beatrice and she was pleased to see us.

In the late afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park, It was extremely cold. I still enjoyed the walk. 

In the evening, we watched the season finale of the show "Victoria".  I got a very good night's sleep.

Monday morning I was in good time to head off to work. But then my car battery had died. I called AAA, who gave me a jump start with a cool machine. The bad news was that a test disclosed my battery was on its last legs. With some help from my law partner at lunch, I took the car to NTB , a battery emporium. By the time my work day was done, the car was long ready.

My wife had a meeting tonight, so I stopped by the casual Japanese cafe Shinrai for chicken teriyaki. Then I bought bananas and breakfast cereal at Kroger. I went to Kroger after Sprouts turned out to be out of bananas. The below-freezing cold and steady wind made things very cold indeed.

Now I am watching Deep Space Nine and musing over an invoice I just received that said it was 30+ days since it came due when I do not believe I got the invoice 30+ days ago.

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