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moving forward

Late February proved mostly cold with a couple of warm days, rather than being mostly temperate with a couple of cold days. The saucer magnolia is in its annual bloom, days before a cold snap is set to worsen.

The new "locally grown" (i.e., southeastern Texas) birdseed remains an unqualified hit. Its coarse blend of field corn, sunflower seeds, thistle and peanuts draws in a diverse and eager set of species. I saw a herd of Brown-Headed Cowbirds at the feeder--a first of the year sighting. So far I am up to 53 species or this year, approximately like but perhaps a few birds fewer than last year at this time.

I read a couple of hundred pages of a novel, Stephanie Domet's "Fallsy Downsies", centered around a famous Canadian musician who is, in the novel, about my age and thus considered past prime. The decision to get a used netbook to use as a DRM-free ereader proved a good one. My reading on this book moves at a nice pace.  I am intrigued by the differential speeds I adopt in reading different sorts of books.

I am getting practical things done, and want to do more. My wife flew out yesterday morning to catch a dawn-ish plane west. Her work is going very well. I really enjoyed watching "The Orville" last night. I made a post on WW Connect that drew lots of responses. It was about being imperfect and yet succeeding more than one fails.

This afternoon I will be a bit warmer. Beatrice woke up with me for breakfast cereal, though she does not get cereal but a dog bone or two. I saw a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks near the Market Street on the Watters Branch Trail. They were so gorgeous, and not far away. I could see them clearly in my camera's zoom lens.

I want to ride a train. I want to walk in the desert, perhaps near a wash. I want to get some paperwork done. I want to organize some things.

I am in the thinking stage about a few choices. We'll see what I think when I have thought a bit. The movie "Penny Serenade" was on the other day, but I changed the channel because I did not see it  from the start.

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