Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in need of a way forward

Saturday the weather turned lovely and warm. I walked a good bit in local parks--Bethany Lakes, Glendover and Green.  My day was interrupted a bit by shuttling my wife to Car Care Central, where her car was in for routine maintenance that took from Noon to five. I took Beatrice for a walk, which she very much enjoyed.

In the early evening, we went for a belated Valentine's Day dinner at Bonefish Grill. We each ordered rainbow trout with rice and asparagus, though her trout had artichokes and mine was simple.

At home Saturday evening, we rented "A Star is Born" with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  We liked the movie only fairly well. "A Star is Born" remains a star vehicle that verges into the maudlin, a bit. It's funny how many remakes this tired vehicle has had.  It was fun to hear the singing, and Sam Elliott is good in every picture. Also, Lady Gaga can act and Bradley Cooper can sing, which is no surprise, but a benefit.

Sunday I was down a bit at WW. I walked in Hoblitzelle Park and on the Chisholm Trail . At church, the Reverend Jessica Wright spoke about relationships. The church's senior pastor, Todd Harris, is being promoted in July to District Superintendent. They announced his replacement this week .She seems like a good choice.

After church, I ate grilled chicken at KFC. Then I walked in Story Park in Allen.  The weather was a bit more nippy than on Saturday, but still nice.  I took Beatrice for another walk in Glendover Park, which she liked, though it was a bit more chilly. I took a 55 minute  bicycle ride on the Watters Creek Trail, circling around to Spirit Park.  I saw that Performance Bicycle, where I bought my bike, is going out of business. I liked that store, and will miss it.

In the evening we watched the Oscar awards,  I often skip or fall short of fully engaging with that show. But this time I liked it. I had only seen some of the movies, but the host-less format cut the wince-moments down by 10 percent.

Monday I got a goodish few things done at work. In the afternoon, I checked the internet to find out the progress at the United Methodist special general assembly on "The Way Forward" matters. This conference considers whether to revise the church's governing document, the Discipline, to remove references to LGBT folks as sinful and to prohibit same-sex marriage or practicing gay clergy.  The bishops had proposed a "one church" plan that removed that language but maintained a broad tent. Another faction had proposed a "double down" plan that kept the language and ensured more vigorous enforcement of its rules. Yesterday the assembly took steps that suggested that a modified version of the traditional plan was likely to pass.  This causes me concern, as I favored the One Church Plan. My hope that the problems with the Discipline would be resolved looked at least premature. This feels like a schism moment, as happened in this denomination before the American Civil War. I will have to consider whether this will necessitate me making a change. Things are not quite resolved, as today is the day when things come to a head. But it is not good news.

After work, I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Custer Road.

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