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seed and court stuff

Yesterday we had a great black bean soup that my wife cooked in the Instant Pot. Today I put more birdseed out on the feeder. The "local product" from Navasota, Texas is a huge hit.  I am a bit surprised, because to me it is just huge field corn, sunflower seeds and a bit of thistle. But the birds are the voters, and they vote yes.

The news is full of Jussie Smollett, an actor who reported having been assaulted by racist, homophobic men. He has now been arrested for allegedly rigging up the incident. It is all very troubling.  I follow this, but have little to say until the issue is tried or resolved. Another court story this week was more resolved and perhaps more interesting.

The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a man who faced forfeiture of his expensive luxury car over a very minor drug bust.  i liked that in these fractured times, the court's ruling was 8-0 in favor of the man facing the forfeiture. In these troubled times, it's good to see the right result issued without dissent. The use of court fines as a government funding device is pernicious, and it should be abolished.

The Roger Stone legal proceeding also caught my interest. Though under a court partial gag order, he posted an inappropriate Instagram post attacking the judge in his case. If a non-famous person had done this, revocation of bail would have followed swiftly.  Mr. Stone merely faced an expansion of the gag order.
The judge showed remarkable forbearance.

CNN ran a story that the Mueller probe is nearly over. We'll see what that timing proves to be, and what that report says.

Meanwhile, a Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested on weapons charges, with the suggestion that serious charges are on the way against an alleged white nationalist who is alleged to be inspired by a Scandinavian terrorist mass murderer.

So there is a lot going on in the world in court.

Tonight I went to the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program to give free legal advice. Somehow I managed to miss last month's session, though I had meant to go. I was pleased to get back into the swing of that again. I was done in 2 hours tonight. I liked the 2L student who sat through two interviews to learn how to do them.


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