Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Corn and Thistle

Tuesday the cold weather continued. The news said this is an "El Nino" year, a bit wetter than usual. But it is also a bit colder than usual. A light rain fell all afternoon. It was too cold to do much walking outdoors. Someone on WW Connect,  a social media, announced a few days ago that terms and condition=s hypocrisy by WW meant they were leaving the platform. A few days later, that poster's posts continue to post. Social media has that way of driving one to post that one is driven away from posting, and then to keep on posting anyway.

I read more of the novel I am working upon "Fallsy Downsies". It's a good read so far.

I ate Van's cimamon flavored cereal. Yesterday I tried my new "locally-sourced" birdseed. It is from Navasota, Texas, down in southeastern Texas. When I set it out, a Blue Jay gave it rave reviews. A House Finch enjoyed the small seeds. Dark-Eyed Juncos gathered below the feeder. I did not think that corn and sunflower seeds,, admixed with a bit of thistle, would draw such rave reviews.

I feel as if I am getting things done this week, but I want to do far more still.

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