Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Cold but Normal Cold

Saturday I drove to Car Care Central in Plano. Travis checked me in at 7:30 a.m. My car had an engine light on and had been diagnosed in addition with control arm maladies.  Car Care Central is walking distance from the paved-sidewalks walking trail known as Hoblitezelle Park. I listened to podcasts as I walked in the cold but relatively windless park. I recall listening to Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project. I do not know Gretchen Rubin, but I know her father through my work. So the sound of she and her sister speaking on a podcast was like hearing familiar strangers speak.  They interviewed a woman who had had a relationship with a man who turned out to have fabricated much of his tales about himself. The show was interesting.

I counted 19 different species of birds on my walk. I also got to see where the trail at Hoblitzelle Park ends, at least at one juncture.  It ended at a middle school. Parents, mostly female and sons gathered for what seemed to be some kind of sports, perhaps football, practice. I walked on by, looking at a Northern Cardinal.

Travis called after an hour and 45 minutes with the news on my car. By the time he called,  I was sitting in the waiting area at Car Care Central, having walked 5 miles. Travis came and presented me the news. My car required some $2,100 of work. I explained to Travis that my car is at 135,000 miles. I hope to drive it until 160,000 miles. I asked him if these repairs would give me a shot at my goal. He answered in the affirmative. I authorized the work.

The repair shop dispatched a young man to take me to my home in one of those boxy/cool Scion cars. At home, I got practical things done.
At day's end, my car was ready. In the evening, I worked on a bit of family business and made real progress. I also read more of "Beautiful Wales", which I am enjoying. I read a bit about the life of its author, Edward Thomas, which sounded like a difficult, inner-turmoil-filled life.
But he had the comfort of being to know and to put into words what he was seeing. I loaded an operating system and a new SSD drive into an older computer I had picked up for a friend. The current version of PeppermintOS , 9.0, runs well.

Sunday I headed to WW, to church, and home again. I got an early afternoon start on the way to Austin. I stopped 30 miles south of Dallas at the town of Waxahachie. I drove to the Waxahachie Hike and Bike Trail. I walked a few miles there on sidewalks next to a creek and tall bare trees. I liked the three horses just over the other side of the fence. A mom and her daughter out roller skating stopped to pet one horse, who enjoyed it. I listened to the football Pro Bowl on the radio,which proved to be of only middling interest.

I spent the night at a Drury Inn in Austin. I like Drury Inns-type places because they cater to sales folks and other business travelers. So the rooms are pleasant but not luxurious and the breakfast is free and good.

I had not one but three different bits of business in Austin and Round Rock, which lasted until 2 p.m. Then I drove to my office to work on
a project for a bit. Then I went home. I picked up a dinner of Chicken Express catfish on the way.

Tuesday I worked to meet a deadline or three.  Tuesday evening my wife went out with friends, so i cooked myself tilapia, cucumbers and carrots in a hotpot. We fell asleep early on Tuesday night.

Wednesday I had CiCi's pizza for lunch. I walked in Bradview Park in Garland, where I got good pictures of a White-Throated Sparrow. I could not work after work because I had to complete a business task that lasted until dark.

This week much of the rest of the country is in the deepest of freezes. The Kentucky governor made an unfortunate comment that keeping kids in from dire cold means kids are "soft". This is the kind of misplaced notion that runs rampant today, mostly on the right but also on fringes of the left. In the Pacific Northwest, anti-vaccination activism has resulted in enhancing a measles outbreak. I think that truisms and conspiracies have always been popular in this country but it is tiresome that they presist.

Here, though, the cold has been only normal, if at the cold end of normal, January cold. Monday I left an Austin in 70-degree F. weather, to arrive at Garland in high 40s weather. The temperature did not go below 25 degrees F. here, though, unlike the below-zero temperatures to our north.

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