Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

warmer but chilly coming and busy all through

Monday and Tuesday were good, busy work days.  The weather was a bit warmer the past two days. Tonight the weather turned cold. I bought bananas on the way home. Then I decided to go to tonight's Audubon Society meeting. The speaker talked about how to recognize ducks in flight. Before that, the educational presentation dealt with cardinals, finches, grosbeaks and buntings. I like the Audubon Society meetings.
Our Prairie and Timbers chapter draws 30 or 40 people a meeting.

I'm working my way through the book "Beautiful Wales". I ate soft chicken tacos from Taco Bueno for dinner. I ate bananas. A friend on social media mentioned a book by Gretchen Rubin. I looked up Gretchen Rubin as the name sounded familiar. I was not familiar with her, but I turn out to know her father through my work. It's a small world.

I took pictures of Dark-Eyed Juncos at Salmon Park. I ate a little caramel WW candy bar.

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