Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Isle du Bois Trip

Recently I joined a Facebook group called Texas Backroads. Members share photos of Texas images, including in particular country roads. This made me miss the days when I drove rural farm roads in our area. I decided to drive to the nearby small town of Celina on Highway 289, as that highway is near lots of farm roads.

Celina is a small town with a huge tradition of high school American football. I was impressed that the Celina Bobcat stadium was small and down-to-earth, with signs proclaiming its state championships. My current home town of Allen has a much larger stadium and a rich American football tradition. But our stadium is not a simple field with a fence and goalposts, as with Celina, but instead a $ 60,000,000 stadium. I liked the more modest Celina glory.

I went to Old Celina Park to walk around. This park has ballfields, a pond, and a walking area. It was very chilly with a cold, blustery wind there. I saw a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, several Dark-Eyed Juncos, a Blue Jay and a Northern Mockingbird. I had the park nearly to myself in the modestly inclement weather. But "nearly" in this case is only "nearly", A firetruck and an EMT truck pulled up and a couple of firemen got out. They were across the parking lot and seemed to be doing some kind of maintenance or training exercise. I did not call out to them.

I drove west from the park. I realized that I was near Lake Ray Roberts State Park. I set the Google Maps application to take me to the Johnson Branch of that park. Somehow the app brought me to the Isle du Bois Branch.

I learned that my annual state park pass had expired, so I renewed it. Then I drove into the park to the lakeshore. I went walking for a couple of hours, in cold and breezy weather. I saw a goodish number of bird species. One species I could not identify. I will do some book-work. I also saw a Nine-Banded Armadillo which nosed about in the leaves nearby.

I also drove to the Jordan Branch, which is another outlet to the lake. I got some nice views of the kind of stark, country-road landscapes that I like here.

I got a Subway sandwich and baked chips for dinner.

At home, we watched the Kansas City Chiefs game (my wife is from Kansas) and the Dallas Cowboys game. We enjoyed them both, though the latter would have been even more fun had they won.

We also ate steak and potatoes for dinner. Now we are watching an episode of Doc Martin.

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