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Pi border

My plan to use a netbook as an ereader is off to a good start. The novel that I have been reading slowly on my laptop is moving along a bit more swiftly now. It's interesting and yet a bit odd that form factor would make a difference. Also, I notice that I cover more ground reading if my ereader application is on "full page" mode. Perhaps the "what page am I on" question is distracting.

The news is full of a new plan by President Trump to divert allocated funds from the United States Army Corps of Engineers to construct hundreds of miles of border walls. I favor a less wall-centric solution to border security. In this age of electronics, I am not confident in any border Maginot Line. I think that computer resources, human resources and proper spending on border patrol, immigration courts and virtual surveillance equipment would be a cheaper and better way to go. But things will unfold, and we will all see what happens.

I was impressed when Livejournal user Nacowafer described on another social platform her success in installing Raspbian on an old Windows 8 laptop. That is a good idea--Raspbian is an operating system designed to work with the single-board computer the Raspberry Pi. By definition, this software should work well on a laptop. On the other hand, it is even easier to simply install Debian or a lightweight Debian desktop spin. Either way, it's all fun.

We ate chicken enchiladas at Anasofia tonight. They were good. I had verde sauce while my wife had rancheras sauce.

I spoke with my sister today. She always has an interesting life. I was glad to hear from her.

A gentle rain falls outside. We are daydreaming about future vacations. We watched part of the Fellini film "8 1/2". Each of us saw it separately in separate places and lives when we were in college. Decades later, it still seems like a fine film.

I like the television show "The Orville" about as well as I like most Star Trek episodes.

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