Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Equinoxal stuff

Thursday I got a lot done, but as I finish the week one thing may require me to work on Monday.  I was pleased that my assistant was able to take off today until the New Year. Tonight I got one swath of my shopping done. Tomorrow I will finish the rest. Thursday morning I had business in McKinney. The chill breeze pierced even my overcoast as I made my way from the car to the building.

Tonight we went to Silver Thai. I had the Garlic Gulf, which is a brand name for shrimp with vegetables in garlic sauce. I daydreamed about taking a train to Mineola, Texas. I'd like to visit its nature preserve someday. I looked up the schedules. It would all be easy for a 3 or 4 day weekend.

I talked to my 20something niece by telephone. At Noon I walked in Breckinridge Park in Richardson.

The government is inexplicably shutting down at the whim of the president. The president also appeased Turkey by withdrawing support for the Kurds in Syria. It's a puzzling time. The resignation of General Mattis as Secretary of Defense happened this week.

I heard a really good interview on the radio about a study of the extent to which and in particular which universities do the most good in facilitating upward mobility.  I was not surprised that despite more liberal scholarship programs, elite universities are still largely the province of the privileged. The "winners" for helping with social mobility are state universities that focus on achieving the result.  My own views about university have been changed by the relentless efforts of state governments to reduce taxes by de-funding public universities and the rising tuition of private institutions. Now I believe that educational choices may be better served with more folks starting in community college. I hope someday effective vocational training is emphasized more at all community colleges.

I am pleased that the new bill has passed reducing certain onerous federal criminal sentences.

I like American Goldfinches in Winter.


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