Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Oncoming Wind

I listened on public radio to talk about the confessed felon Michael Cohen. The coverage of the length of his sentence seemed a bit breathless to me. Once I knew of the sentencing guidelines range, and that the special prosecutor acknowledged that Mr. Cohen helped his investigation a bit, I knew the probable sentence was three years. I felt psychic when the sentence was three years, though in fact I was not psychic or even blessed with the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes.

I worked a solid day yesterday and worked a bit more at home yesterday evening. At lunch I walked in Breckinridge Park. A small accipiter perched in a tree. I gazed carefully at its tail feathers before I decided it was a Cooper's Hawk rather than the similar but smaller Sharp-Shinned Hawk. After work, I got more steps in on the Chisholm Trail in Plano near Spring Creek and Custer.

The weather yesterday was temperate, but tonight we face an incoming Winter storm. The winds are supposed to be very high. We have strong winds often here, but usually not really high winds. A bit of snow may even fall on Friday, but no accumulation is expected. In the past 3 years, we have only gotten 1/10th of an inch of snow. Our annual average is 6 inches. I lived here some years ago when we had the record snowfall--11" in onw day.  This year has been the 3rd wettest in recorded history, a bit over 50". Our normal is closer to 35.

We watched one of those cable television movies last night. The two leads exchanged bodies through a the work of an angel and an enchanted Christmas tree. No matter how many times I see variations of this Freaky Friday plot convention, I almost always enjoy it.

I have not seen the new Fantastic Beasts film yet. I hope to see "Mary Poppins Returns" over Christmas.

I think it is wrong that Instragram shows one which users look at one's "story" posts. Viewers of public posts should be able to keep their privacy. 

I like that Sesame Street now features a homeless muppet named Lily. Someone on Twitter retweets a post about someone looking for a replacement wedding venue in Hampstead in the UK on the Saturday before Christmas. 

I drive to downtown Dallas today. I must work out when to leave so as to arrive a bit early but not too early for a mid-morning matter.

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