Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold rainy birdseed business

Wednesday we watched all the various Chicago television series, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD. Each told a "Fall Finale" story more strident than than the prior one. Wednesday morning our feeder drew Northern Cardinals, Dark-Eyed Juncos, an American Robin, and House Sparrows. At Noon Wednesday I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. An attractive young woman and her three small children rode up on bicycle. "I'm sorry we scared the birds", she said "we had the most beautiful hawk in our backyard this morning". As I walked near the place they had just ridden by, I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk hidden in a tree. I snapped its photo.

Thursday I went to small Travis Farm Park. The subdivision they are building next door is coming along--it is mostly streets and open fields now. A huge Red-Tailed Hawk relaxed in the large but not flourishing old tree in the park. I read last night that this little park will someday be expanded. I hope this is still the plan.

Thursday night we ate pot roast that my wife made in our fairly new Instant Pot. As with pressure cooking in any device, the meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and the like all were pulverized into small pieces. Everything, that is, except the celery which remained crunchy. Celery is a paradox. We watched the Great American Baking Show, which for some reason was set to take place in England. Yesterday was five years since my father passed away. 

Today I have a lot to do, as next week will be quite busy at work. I put fresh birdseed out for the birds. I am about to go pick up shirts at the dry cleaners. The weather is cold but not freezing with rain predicted all day today and all day tomorrow. I began a science fiction short story about a vampire in the old American west. I am not sure why vampire stories are so popular.  I watched a little of Underworld:Awakening last night before the television got better. I do understand why Kate Beckinsale is so popular.  But I liked her better in "Cold Comfort Farm".

Last night on Star Trek: the Next Generation, Q restored the moon to its normal orbit.

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