Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Change to us Now! The Universe is Melting!

Monday work resumed as per usual. My wife got Beatrice a canine cardiologist appointment for New Year's Eve. My wife had her stock club last night. I got some grilled chicken at KFC and then watched the televised football game between the Eagles and the Redskins. I could have used my time more productively, I think.

I under-dressed a bit for yesterday's chilly weather. Years ago, I thought one should under-dress a bit, to acclimate to the cold. Though the theory is perhaps sound, I do not follow this approach. For some years, I over-dress in the cold, placing an emphasis upon staying warm. Though sometimes on a breezy but not truly cold day I look like I am in Alaska, I stay pretty comfortable this way.

On Twitter, lots of people were lamenting that the social media site Tumblr is about to ban adult content. These people were making claims that Tumblr cannot exist without their adult content. I was surprised that Tumblr still exists in any event. I do not have an opinion about Tumblr's long-term prospects, without or without adult content. I noticed that Dreamwidth used this as one more "we allow nearly anything" marketing opportunity.  For years, I watched on LiveJournal as various critiques and innuendos became viral "reasons to switch to Dreamwidth". I resisted most of them. I hoped I was immune to them, as most of them seemed irrelevant to my life.  But the "The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!" campaign caused me to switch to daily cross-posting. I like that Dreamwidth has the search posts feature, and lament that Dreamwidth picture-hosting needs improvement. The lack of an Android app is also a drawback on Dreamwidth. Overall, though, I am glad to have both Dreamwidth and Livejournal in which to write.

Last night I dreamt that my wife and I went to a city for a trip that was violent. A man with a gunshot wound was visible on a sidewalk, with perhaps a child nearby.  My wife and I had to go to another town. My wife expressed displeasure with me, but curiously, her displeasure was that I would not admit that the hotel I had chosen for us was a "dump".  In real life, my wife would probably not discuss a hotel being a "dump".

I had a good call with my former law partner last night. He retired at the end of October. He was a great law partner. He said his family had 27 attendees at Thanksgiving.

My wife and I discussed a co-worker of hers from fifteen years ago. He had encountered some difficulties in the criminal system. I looked up his case, to understand a bit better of what he was convicted and what issues he now faces. It sounded as if he had made some poor choices, though the court record merely dockets events and does not tell detailed stories.

Yesterday I walked in Breckinridge Park. I saw a Brown Creeper and took photographs of an Eastern Bluebird. Last night I ate too many bananas.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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