Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Thanksgiving days

Wedensday I left at Noon to head to Kansas City,  My wife's stepmother lives in Mission Hills. The security line for TSA was less long for the non-TSA pre-check passengers than for the TSA pre-check passengers. I wondered if this was because of the efficient system that had been implemented in which passengers were assigned to one of five different check-in stations.

I like that Southwest Airlines' version of wi-fi lets one watch television programs during the fight.  I watched a kids' computer-animated show called something like Star Wars Rebels.  The shuttle guy, with the KC service KMO, talked to me about great local bands and we traded memories of concerns we had seen. I wondered how he knew I liked similar music.

I was pleased to see my wife's stepmother, and her Shih Tzu dogs Posey and Pip. Wednesday evening we had a nice dinner of chicken breast cooked with corn flakes.  It was surprisingly good.

Thursday morning I began at 8 a.m. walking on Belinder Street. I walked by the Kansas City Country Club down Overhill, then rejoined Belinder via 63rd Street and walked Belinder to the Belinder Elementary School. Then I went right to Cherokee to the Prairie Village shopping center. I walked on Mission back to 63rd Street. I saw 14 species of birds and enjoyed walking on a chilly but pleasant day.

We three drove over at Noon to my wife's step-mother's sister's house, where we had Thanksgiving. I liked seeing every one of the 33 people there, all of whom I know or should know. I talked a lot to a lot of people, but felt I missed chances to talk to people to whom I should have spoken. We ate roast turkey and smoked turkey and green beans but no Parker House rolls.  I could not find the dessert plates so I had chocolate chip cookies instead of pumpkin pie.

Friday morning I walked virtually the same path, though I started at 9 and completed the walk in 120 minutes instead of 140. The weather was a bit more breezy, but I was warmly dressed. Our niece Hilllary came over with her nice boyfriend Logan. We all went to a place in Prairie Village for lunch. I had been there before, but its name escapes me. I had a turkey burger and fresh fruit. We all chatted on Friday afternoon. I felt a tad under the weather at lunch, but I came out all right.

In the afternoon, my wife drove me to Antioch Park while she went shopping. She had played in this park as a child. I walked around its sidewalks and ponds.  I enjoyed it, though I saw little in the way of wildlife. 

I lay down to rest a bit at 7 p.m., and ended up sleeping all night, except one passage in which I woke up to watch the movie "Love, Actually". I know lots of folks hate this movie. I kind of like this movie. But its 3 hour running time made it quite a long movie to watch, though I had seen it a few times before.

Saturday morning we got up very early and headed to the aiport. We were two hours early for our flight, as holiday crowds did not materialize. We ate breakfast at the Pork and Pickle in the airport. I had had only lunch the prior day, so I enjoyed scrambled eggs, a bit of bacon and a half-dozen tater tots.

Our flight was smooth. We left a cold-ish Kansas City bracing for a Sunday near-blizzard and came to a breezy but 70 degree F. Dallas. I walked in Glendover and Green Parks. We at sushi for dinner in Allen at Shiawase. It was very good.

Sunday I walked in Hoblitzelle Park and then went to Weight Watchers. I had lost 5 pounds. I did not really mean to, but I missed a couple of meals and got a lot of exercise. I still wonder if my Google Fit app step-counter under-counts my steps.  I walked in Shawnee Park. The temperature was not cold, but a chill Arctic breeze made everything feel cold. At church, we all wrote hopes and prayers we had for the construction of the new children's building at First Methodist of Allen. I wrote on the tiny paper "All children be safe". I rolled it back up, put it in a plastic capsule, and later dropped it in a little concrete mixter devoted to the purpose.

After church, I dined on KFC grilled chicken. Then I went to Classic Cuts at Alma and Spring Creek in Plano. A woman named Sabina cut my hair short, as requested. I walked in Allen Station Park. Later I walked in Glendover Park. We had a quiet evening at home.

i have a busy day ahead today. I am glad to be home. I enjoyed Thanksgiving.


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