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In late November the backyard feeder population changes a bit. Under the feeder, Dark-Eyed Juncos and Mourning Doves forage. In addition to the House Sparrows at the feeder, Northern Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Blue Jays and the occasional Great-Tailed Grackle or American Crow show up.

This morning my work computer proved a bit sluggish. First it took inordinate time updating Firefox add-ons. Then it spent 20 minutes on a Wndows 7 update.  One thing I like about my laptop at home is that the Q4OS linux set-up updates (from the Debian stable repositories) without hassle or undue delay. I just pull up the command line, type in the command to update, and then type in the command to install upgrades. Voila.

I wanted to get my hair cut tonight, but at my favorite chain place the one person on duty was involved in a 45 minute task working on someone's nails. Perhaps I'll get my hair cut tomorrow in Kansas City, or just wait until after the holiday.

This morning I listened to two more ccMixter secret mixter songs, and wrote reviews. I have 5 more songs to hear to have listened to all 33 posted on Sunday.

At lunch, I ate 3 soft chicken tacos. The man behind the counter accidentally wrote soft beef tacos. But the woman making the order knew I like chicken tacos and double-checked with me. The same young man often waits on me as he runs the cash register. I tried to look at his name tag today because I do not know a name for him. But I did not see it, and it felt weird to be seen staring at a name tag. 

I also walked in small Travis Farm Park in Murphy. This is the little park in which an open field surrounds a picnic table in a pavilion, with a little playground next to it. There are a few trees and shrubs and trees bordering the property. I am still heartbroken because the open field next door is being converted into a residential neighborhood. I thought it would ruin the little farm park, but the park is still lively. I like that a seemingly drab little place can be an oasis.

I am over-eating a bit. I stay within my WW points, but my intake is a little up. I also wonder if I log fewer steps because my Google Fit app seems to count 20 percent fewer steps for the same effort, or because I am actually taking fewer steps. My weight is still within the range that my doctor set for me. Thanksgiving is usually an easy holiday for me. I hope it proves easy again this year.

I had a telephone call that I had been procrastinating having. It went well. I got an email I was glad to get about a family business matter.
I must answer it tomorrow.

When I throw Beatrice's toy now, the toy thrown is a blue monkey with a long thin torso. I got it for a dollar at Dollar Tree some months ago.

I am looking forward to going north soon. I like my wife's relatives who are, I suppose, after 28 years, my relatives as well. So many I see every year or every two or every few years. The toddler of a few years ago may be this year's  French/English bi-lingual kindergartner.

I packed tonight with more clothes than I will need. I looked up podcasts on the internet that use my music, and found some I had not found before. I watched the television shows "NCIS", "This is Us" and "New Amsterdam".

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