Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pasta shells

I ate stuffed pasta shells at Napoli in Allen tonight. I ate grilled catfish for lunch.

I stayed up late putting together a remix of a ccMixter artist for a Secret Mixter on-line event on Sunday. I used two bits of software--Audacity and Noiser.  Noiser mangles sounds in interesting way, and it is a cut-and-paste process of sorts to sort out which sounds to paste into Audacity and which sounds to send to trash. The relative lack of control over melodic creation coupled with the adventure of tying divergent morphed sounds into one track are a mix of frustrating and liberating. I hope the result comes off to the listener as moody and cinematic rather than just odd.

Thursday the cold finally subsided. My brother sent me a good idea for a different kind of on-line auction.

I tried out FocusWriter, the software that hides all the distractions to encourage one to write. I knocked out 600 pages in a few minutes, so it worked at least once, just like magic beans.

Thursday I did 3 hours at the Salvation Army.

The news of the California wildfires is disturbing. So many people dead, so many still missing. It's heart-breaking.

I watched UK Prime Minister Theresa May speak in favor of her draft proposed Brexit plan before a Parliament whose right wing, centrist wing and left wing are all skeptical of her and her plan. It struck me that even as the end of her political career seems imminent she put herself into the fray earnestly. I do not share her politics and I do not think Brexit is a good idea. But the speeches were interesting. I do think that it's a dilemma when the majority votes to do something inadvisable. We here in the USA understand that situation quite well.

I want to get things done tomorrow, including exercise.

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