Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

brazos by car

Yesterday in the mid-afternoon I set out to drive towards Austin. I stopped in Waco. I walked on the Waco Riverside Trail next to the Brazos River. The river was much larger and powerful than usual. It was not a rapids, but like a large, slow juggernaut.

I saw ten species of bird along the trail. An Eastern Phoebe looked gold-tinged due to the setting sun. Forty Great Egrets roosted across the way. I was surprised at how many fellow walkers were on the trail.

I spent the night in a La Quinta in Round Rock. After we made our reservation, I saw some bad reviews on-line of the place. But it turned out to be quite acceptable. I had a dinner of egg whites and turkey bacon at the IHOP next door. 

This morning I got up and struggled through rush hour to my downtown Austin meeting. By mid-morning I was back on the road north. I ate Church's Fried Chicken for lunch. I stopped at Springfield Park in Rowlett to take a walk. Lots of water was on the sidewalk trails, but I circled around the dry areas over and over.

In the early evening, my wife had a meeting. I stopped for soft tacos on the way home. After she came home, we watched "Manifest". I watched a bit of the Cowboys game during the breaks. They lost a game they should have won.

I am very interested in the upcoming mid-term elections. I am unsure what will happen. I do not think that polls are very good at predicting results any more. My theory is that cellphones make it harder to sort out the answers. Land-lines were more poll-friendly.

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