Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

warmer saturday

The news Thursday said October has been the rainiest month here in recorded history, just as September was the highest September.
Friday I walked in little Travis Farm Park, where there was a bit of standing water. After work, I walked in Oak Point Park. A Red-Tailed Hawk perched on a street light.. A man nearby came to me and expressed amazement that the hawk had no fear.

I picked us up El Pollo Loco chicken for dinner.

We got up early and early voted this morning. There was no line. My little voting machine card did not work well at first. A poll worker helped me out.

We took my wife's car to the shop. We got some household chores done.

Saturday morning I walked in LImestone Quarry Park in Frisco. I figured out where the rest of the Taychas Trail went.
We went to Jason's deli for lunch. I had southwestern chicken chili.

Later, I walked on the Chisholm Trail near Spring Creek.  I saw 15 migrating White Pelicans flying in formation. The Yellow-Rumped Warblers are back. On the Taychas Trail, I saw a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.

Later, I walked in Glendover Park. A girl of 10 or 12 and her dad were flying a kite, though there was little wind. She ran beside me, with kite aloft. Her dad asked if she had run over me, but i assured him she was perfect.  The kite came back to earth.

We ate home-made pizza for dinner. We used a wewalka crust.

We started the film "Eighth Grade", but my wife fell asleep part-way in.

This week a deranged terrorist sent pipe bombs to Democrats. Another deranged terrorist shot lots of people at a synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. It's been a rough week.

I listened to This Week in Computer Hardware, whose long-time host took a job and Intel and had the leave the review show. I listened to Radio NZ, where a man talked about a book about the Trump Administration. I watched part of the Arkansas Razorbacks' loss to Vanderbilt University in college football.  Now I am watching Titan A.E.

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