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cuba birds

Monday after work I walked in A.R. Schell Park in Plano. I saw ten bird species. I thought I saw a migrating Gray Catbird, but my view was  a rather short one, so so far I have not listed it.

Tuesday night I went to the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society meeting. Gailon Brehm gave a good talk about his birding visit to Cuba.The endemic species were fascinating. Also, the rural places to stay, cafes, and the horse and ox drawn transporation along the roadways was interesting, as well as the storied 1950s era American cars.  I have not had any desire to visit Cuba, but it was interesting to see Gailon's photos. During the initial educational portion of the meeting, the presentation was on sparrows, using formerly living specimens. I used to know nothing about sparrows. Now I can identify most of them, but I still learn things during the presentations.

Late Tuesday night I caught up with the first episode of this season's Supergirl show.

The rain returns today for a one-day engagement.


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