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Thursday the rain let up a bit. I walked at Dave Sanford Park at lunch and at Travis Farm Park just after work. Ten species of birds were out at little Travis Farm Park, among whom was a handsome Red-Tailed Hawk.

Thursday night I went to the Garland Salvation Army for the monthly Dallas Bar Association Volunteer Attorney Program. I met with clients  whom I was delighted to try to assist. Without getting into details, I felt an appreciation for the hardships that financial difficulties can bring in dealing with serious matters including legal issues.

Friday the rain came back. We dined at Silver Thai. Work was very busy. I realized I had not answered a non-work email for 12 days, and remedied the situation.

I am impressed with the stories of Matilda Jones, a 7 year old in the uk, and Saga Vanacek, an 8 year old from Sweden, who each, a year apart, pulled an antique sword from a lake. 

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