Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

blessings and coyotes

Saturday I walked on the Celebration Pass Trail in Allen. I saw a good if unexceptional selection of birds. Lots of kids on bicycles, adults walking and cool dogs were also on the trail.

Saturday afternoon I worked on practical things like clearing out some clutter upstairs. I picked up Beatrice's food, which is a special prescription. We went to get dinner at Chipotle, where the food was good but things were a bit noisy.  A small child at a nearby table was a bit loud.  I sold an old Kodak Easyshare 30x zoom camera on eBay for five dollars and fifty cents. It was sold "for parts" so the low figure was not a surprise.

Sunday I attended Weight Watchers, which changed its name to WW. The meeting became a "workshop". The leader became a "coach". The meeting room became a "studio". The people at check-in became the "guides". I do like that the phone app finally captures one's weigh-in each week.  Before WW, I took pictures of Queen butterflies.

At church the Reverend Abe Smith gave a sermon on the forgiveness of sins. After a lunch of grilled KFC, I walked in Allen Station Park. I saw my first local Greater Roadrunner of the year, bringing my species count for Collin County up to 101. I also saw a coyote walking slowly on a sidewalk. I took some video of it through my zoom lens.

I took Beatrice for Bethany Lakes Park for a "blessing of the animals" ceremony.  The Reverend Jessica Wright blessed Beatrice and 7 other dogs. No cats attended.  Beatrice liked Bethany Lakes Park. I showed the pastor's two little boys the short video of the coyote. They were not familiar with coyotes.

I got a facebook message that said someone had gotten a new friends invitation from me. I changed my password and posted about it, but later saw information indicating that this was a hoax message. It was probably good to change my password anyway,

Sunday night we ate hot dogs.  I watched the Dallas Cowboys lose a football game on television. It was a good game.

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