Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hackbeery and inspection

I got a lot of work done on paperwork matters today. I also got my car inspected and my windshield wipers fixed. I felt good about what I did get done, but I hope to get more done as the days proceed.

I also got some exercise in. I walked Beatrice inthe morning. Beatrice has lived with us for 12 and 1/2 years after we adopted her at the SPCA one January afternoon. She was a fully-grown dog when we got her.  Two vets estimated her age at 6, though we now think she must have been younger, as it is hard to picture that she is now 18.

We saw her One Canine Friend, a lhasa apso named Diva. She also interacted with a Yorkie and a black dog three times her size. We saw our neighbor a few doors down, who is always polite and pleasant.

I also walked in Green Park for an hour, while listening to a football game on my phone. Neither of my walks yielded many bird species sightings, but I kept records of each walk. Last year my lists petered out during October, but this year I want a steady record on all year.

I was pleased to get some paperwork done and some organization of paperwork done.

After I got my car inspected, I listened to Radio NZ, where I heard an interesting interview about the 18th c. Macaroni style of men's fashion. I knew the term mostly for the line in the song "Yankee Doodle", so it was good to learn more. I got good pictures of a Giant Swallowtail near Russell Creek and a Hackberry Emperor on a railing. I left the sidewalk trail and got my walking shoes a bit muddy--something I try not to do with my current pairs of walking shoes. I spent time in the back yard clearing the light mud. At least I got a good long look at a Giant Swallowtail on the trail.

I listed on eBay the Kodak camera I bought in 2012.

We ate a good meal of tandoori at Iravat. Then we watched reruns of the television program "Hill Street Blues"

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