Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

6 days, more or less

Wednesday evening I went to a Weight Watchers meeting. One woman there was from my town. She explained to another woman how she was personal friends with the owner of the local good breakfast cafe and personal friends with the formal owner of the best Thai restaurant. I had never heard someone name-drop local cafes before, but I liked her nonetheless.

Thursday I worked all morning and took a late afternoon bus to Houston. I like the Vonlane bus for travel to Houston or Austin, as its spacious seat, on-board wi-fi, lack of hassle with check-in, and snack-bearing bus attendants makes the experience like but better than flying. I took a cab to my hotel, where a good restaurant Guadalajara was nearby. I had chicken enchiladas and charro beans. The next morning, I walked the 1.2 miles to my business meeting. The morning weather was slightly too humid for a walk, but it worked out. After my meeting, I had a giant slice of pizza at a New York pizzeria. I tried to check my small bags with the hotel, but the bellhop stood on ceremony about only serving hotel guests. I rarely encounter this attitude, which amounts to standing on ceremony to refuse easy money. I told him that I understood.  My bus arrived at 11:15 p.m. in Dallas, and I drove home.

Saturday I walked in Glendover Park before the rain began.I saw a huge Red-Tailed Hawk in a tree.  Then I went and got Beatrice so that we could walk before the storm. We only made it halfway before the rain began--light but steady. I asked Beatrice if she wanted to turn around and go home, but she assured me that she wanted to proceed. When we got back home, she waited patiently while I dried her with a towel.

In the late afternoon, we met our friends Scott, Donna and Kathy, as well as two individuals who were Kathy's neighbors, Karen and a fellow whose name escapes me. we all went to 'Crazy Rich Asians" at Northpark Mall AMC in Dallas. I had been looking forward to the movie, which i thought was "Crazy, Rich Asians" rather than "Crazy Rich" Asians. It was a good light entertainment.  I wondered how many of the cultural references I missed through my limited knowledge of Singaporean culture..  We all ate at P.F. Chang, where I had edamame, hot and sour soup, steamed shrimp dumplings and a spicy tuna roll. We all discussed politics.

Sunday I walked the Chisholm Trail and listened to podcasts. I went to Weight Watchers. One member named Lisa had been kind enough to bring bagel pieces made with "two ingredient dough". I liked the resulting bake, though it was a tad bit bland, as unsalted bagel pieces tend to be.  I walked in Shawnee Park under overcast skies. At church the sermon discussed the Apostles' Creed.

In the afternoon, I got a haircut at the chain place at Alma and Hedcoxe. My usual place at Alma and Spring Creek was closed for one day only. i watched the local team lose a sports game on television. I finished the book "The Chameleon" by Samuel Fisher, a good read about the power(s) of words and story. I downloaded a new book from, William Dean Howells' "Their Wedding Journey". I went to bed fairly early after failing to get into an episode of Rowan Atkinson as Maigret. I think it was more about me than the show. I read a few more pages of the new novel, which I am enjoying so far.

On Monday, I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve, where I saw four American Kestrels. I took it easy after work and after a dinner of grilled KFC. I watched an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.  I woke at 4 a.m.Tuesday for no reason, and fell asleep until 7 a.m. I ate instant oatmeal.

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