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Sunday we headed  for the Smokey Bear Historic Site in the small village of Capitan.

I liked the little historic museum, with its tales of a rescued bear cub and an ad campaign for bears who fight forest fires. I liked the small exhibit and also seeking Smokey's gravsite.

We had lunch at the Oso Grill, where service was not speedy but the food was good and the people friendly.

Then we drove east through Carrizozo and on to the Valley of Fires Recreation Area. We found the miles of dried lava fields here fascinating.
We saw a lovely Texas Horned Lizard. It was a great place to visit. We drove around a bit. I caught a glimpse of a Pronghorn.  We drove back to Ruidoso.  On Monday, we drove to Roswell.  We got a great view of a proud Pronghorn on a levee.

We walked in Cahoon Park. We stopped at the Stellar Coffee Shop in downtown Roswell. Then we flew back to Dallas Forth Worth.

Monday night we went out for dinner with my brother's family in celebration of my brother's wife's birthday.  We all had a delightful time.
Today I enoyed working a solid day.

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